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Subject:RE: 1953 paint Date:Sat Nov 27 11:09:48 2010
Response to:14822
If you look on the "how-to-restore" page of the Harleyhummerclub, you will find chapter 60, listing the colors for the years. I would like to see a few pics of the hummer if you are able to upload any, it's the year I wouldn't mind getting my hands on because it is my vintage.

I recently found out that the old bike i have been stepping around in my parents storage shed is a 1953 Harley-Davidson 165. it is, for the most part, complete but does need work. the guy that owned it before my dad repainted it and i would like to paint it back to one of the original paint options... where would i find the information about paint options and what decals mite have been on my bike?
Danny S