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Subject:RE: engine service and repair in northern california Date:Sat Nov 27 20:49:56 2010
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When everything checks out...spark, timing, compression and carb on these engines it means only one thing. Crank shaft seals. They get old and crack or, more than likely, the engine was run in the past with no oil in the gas and they simply burned. When this happens it throws off the suction/comression cycle of the fuel charge to the cylinder because they leak. Yes, it takes a total engine tear-down to correct. The other thing you have to look at is the condition of the crankshafts where the seals ride. If they're pitted or worn in any way they'll just destroy the new seals. Choose the engine rebuilder you trust the most off the Club website and send your motor or lower end to him.

anyone know of anyone in northern california area that specializes on hummer , pacer, etc engine service and repair?
I simply cant get my pacer bt started, and i am getting more and more frustrated with it.
thanks in advance, Gene