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Subject:RE: RE: 61 Super-10 frame ? Date:Thu Dec 2 16:41:46 2010
Response to:14836
Thanks - so I have heard. Gotten a few e-mails telling me the same - which I appreciate of course ! I ordered the spacers and picked up the fine bolts locally. Now I need to figure out what is the CORRECT tail-light for it now. Kinda confusing some of these part numbers and what works for what !.........ED.

the frames are the same you use two spacers between the fender and the frame

I am trying to build a complete stock/original 61 Super-10 from a partial bike I have had since back in the 70's and after finally getting fenders for it I just realized that the rear fender does not fit ! It looks as if perhaps I have an EARLIER frame which is for 18" inch rear fenders all along and not the 16 inch fender ? The frame number on the neck reads #######-53. Does anyone know if this sounds correct and if so what the correct frame looks like and what numbers would be on it ? Thanks........ED.