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Mark, if you would read thru the thread, instead of jumping to your own conclusions, you will see where I said "I have been wrong, more than I have been right" Here, I will put it in upper case lets for ya. I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, I DON'T CLAIM TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I do know, that of all the bikes I have had go to AMCA meets, the average point score is above 99.75. How many bikes have you restored Mark? What is your score from bikes you restored from the ground up? Just how many years have you dedicated your life to, to restoring these bikes to the utmost quality? I have over 22 years straight of restoring these bikes. I have a open mind. You say the hole is for hanging to paint. Then you are correct and that's more than fine with me. The comment about a universal bicycle mudflap is a farse. I don't know of any bicycles in the 40's or 50's or any time era for that matter, that used a 3.25 x 19 or 3.50 x 18" tire. These fenders are MUCH wider than any bicycle front fender, so the bicycle mudflap would never fit and look right. If you don't like my opinion, fine. Don't whine about it, just ignore it. It's that simple.

So to end this whining, I will put this in plain english for ya. Here it is in a nut shell, for all who seem to be under the impression, that I know it all.

I would personally like to express my sincere apologies to anyone I may have offended or led astray and urged them to buy a mud flap, which apparently,no comapny made or sold for a light weight motorcycle made in the 40's and 50's. If you bought a mudflap for your bike, I apologize.

If ya fail to accept the apology, that's your own fault.


Robbie you are dead on. And Mutt how about being open minded just for once instead of "I said it so it must be true"
My thought is why would Harley put a hole for a mud flap when they didn't make one for the bike? It doesn't make sense For them to try and accommodate other manufacturers?
The Harley Davidson way would be to sell a mud flap.

Maybe the question should be asked. "was the original intent of the manufacturer to place this hole where it is to mount a mud flap". It is a fact, that the hole is located in the correct position for a mud flap, and that that portionof the fender is exactly where a mud flap would go, is it not? Thta is a "factual basis" if I am not mistaken (tho I have been wromng more times than I've been right) Mud flaps (vintage of when these bikes were made) on eBay on a daily basis. I've seen many different types, all for teh same width of fender, so those folks ain't chasing a part that doesn't exist. Accessories aren't judged at AMCA meets, so what does it matter if you run a period correct mudflap on teh bike.

It doesn't ruffle my feathers Mutt. I just have never seen any useful point in making a statement as if it is fact "Yep, it's for mounting the Accessory mud flap" when there is no factual basis. All that sort of comment does is create confusion in those who accept what is said and then spends time and effort looking for something that does not exist or continues the mis-information relating it to another. I thought the point of this site was to teach, not confuse!