From:Joe McWilliams Electronic:jmcwilliams -A-
Subject:Question on routing generator wires Date:Sat Dec 4 23:01:53 2010
What's the correct way to route these wires? The black wire wants to fall along the forward side of the gen housing, but this can't be right because the case pinches this wire when going on. The best way seems to run all 4 wires straight down out of the gen to the exit hole for these wires. Correct or not?

Secondly, the rubber fitting that seals the gen compartment from dirt and water tore apart when I tried to feed the four wires through it. Either all 4 wires are not supposed to feed through this fitting, or the one I got had a hole that was too small. And the rubber itself was too fragile...very soft stuff.

Can someone give me a detailed guide to properly routing these wire?