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Subject:RE: phil kaufman book Date:Thu Dec 16 00:16:17 2010
Response to:14891

Hope you enjoyed it. Phil was/is a wacko. The times they were a-changing. It was a great time to grow up - things will never be quite like that ever again.

I was graduated from high school in 1970 - so I missed the 1967 "Summer of Love" in San Francisco, but I enjoyed some "summers of love" on east coast beaches in the late 1960's.

I'm working on my autobiography, "I Refuse To Grow Up". While perhaps not as star-studded as Phil's, it's pretty entertaining, at least for us gear-head crowd - "garbage trucks doing wheelies"?

Well, I'm not done with mine, so you'll just have to satisfy yourself with Phil's for the next year or two.

The only problem is, whenever I talk to one of my old friends, I come up with more wacko stories to tell...


book is now on the way to Robbie, who is next on the list.
great read. very funny story.
enjoy it Robbie, sign it, and send it on to next name on the list!