From:Backyard Bob Electronic:somewhere -A- newjersey
Subject:RE: Running out of space Date:Thu Dec 16 23:07:32 2010
Response to:14919
Hold on, I'll give you two 30 packs for it and pay shipping.

Just when I thought I was finished with my first Hummer project,"WRONG"===went Picking,fellows this stuff is still out there.Found a 175 BTH motor,frame,front-end,he had wheels and boxes of the small stuff-that I will be able to get too.
Have no idea what this will look like when I'm done,thats why I'm posting the very first pictures of this new project.Very excited and can't wait to start.
It gets even better===total investment to date is a 12pk of Bud===will keep you posted as I go. Dr. Pepper