From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: RE: what is this bike?? Date:Fri Dec 17 17:44:01 2010
Response to:14933
Both fenders seem wrong (the struts should be sheet steel raised), the tail light is from an early Sportster (Wrong mount for 125), the rear sprocket is correct for a 165 or 175 bike, the speedo is adapted from elsewhere, horn was not on Hummers (B model, so this may be a correct B frame), the handlebars have hi-lo switch mounted on the bottom (or none visibility obstructed) so a 53-on set, You're right the seat isn't right the back would be spring mounted the, front mount is right(or so).

The frame doesn't have a hanging coil or a horn mount so is probably a 56 or 57 hummer frame, check to see if it has a toolbox mount standard on most except hummer models.

It looks to me to be a Hummer frame with a 49 (48-50) fork set.

front fender is wrong for a 49 isnt it? is it chopped or something (I dont see a front bracket).
seat isnt right is it? what would this seat go on?
high exhaust...would that have occurred on a 49?

anyone tell me what this is?
Im told its a 49 rigid frame rubber band forks.
factory high pipe and exhaust.
engine im told is HD28NY


thanks, Gene