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Subject:RE: sprockets 1948 Date:Fri Dec 17 22:56:14 2010
Response to:14915
Didn't you ask about building a '48 from 50s years engines? The 125 S-model engines had similar trany gears but some of the ST&B model tranys had different cogs. Some of this can be collected from the years the part was used notes in the parts manual. I think the safest way might be to transfer the whole trany as a unit.

The later rod-piston assembly with the neddle bearing may be recommended. Others have agreed with Harley and recommended the later 4 brush generator. The Hummer 125 has a plate mounted carb where the earlier S-model cylinder has a "post" mounted carb (but if you want to get it running & have all the parts use the later & spark it up while collecting the parts for the S model cylinder).

Do sprockets for my 1948 go motor 12, clutch 33, trany 14, wheel 43? thats what it has wondering if correct. also can someone post me a picture of a 48 front hub and maybe tell me what to look for. I think that I have the right one but not sure.