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Subject:RE: RE: trouble kick starting 62 pacerbt Date:Sun Dec 19 23:36:50 2010
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thank you bob for a response. way back when i got the bike you suggested the same, and after a month of tinkering it looks like i shudda listened!
looks like too big of a job for me to do tho, so i guess another engine will be mailed to Mutt!
these things are so addicting. Im up to 4 of them in 5 weeks. sigh.
merry christmas to me.

crankshaft seals need replacing.

Hello gentlemen.
My 62 pacer bt.
I just cant get it started by kicking it. Today I took it to a hill andf put it in first and could start it that way. then it would run, idle, etc. but when i turn it off or it would die, i couldnt kick sart it. WHY..WHY...WHY?
thanks in advance and happy holidays one and all, Gene