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Subject:RE: 1955? dkw Date:Thu Dec 30 20:01:06 2010
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Well, you've got a pile 'o parts there. I'm not sure what it is, but there are resources on this website to help you figure it out.

First, there's Chapter 90 - An International Family - which provides details on - some of the many - Hummer relatives.

Then there's some pictures of the 1941 DKW which I imported from Germany about 10 years ago

If it's looking pretty DKW, you should contact They've got most everything RT-125-related, and they're pretty decent people to work with. They've helped me in the past.

You should also check out my article at:

Yup, it's in German, but if you cross your eyes, you can probably make out about half the words, and get the gist of the article. (or cross-reference with chapter 90)

And of course, you can email me - - with your questions.

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i have an old bike, motor looks like a hummer but bike looks different was told it is a dkw125 , but i cant find any that look like this one, it has tire from USSR on it, and i cant figure out the VIN tag anyone know how to read old german/russian tags?