From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: Wheel is shifted to one side on frame Date:Thu Dec 30 21:01:51 2010
Response to:14971

If you place the wheel incorrectly in the forks (turn it around) and the rim is on the same side of the forks then the forks need repair, if the rim moved over to the other side of the forks the wheel offset may be incorrect.

(if the forks arn't bent) Don't put the tire on and adjust the spokes to center the rim or get a wheel builder to help.

I seem to remember the service manual saying the correct offset of the rim, but my manual is for the 53-64 (and mine is a 48 & I can't find it right now) so I can't give you the #. I centered the rim in the forks, turned it around to check and it measured the same, good.


We just installed the hub and spokes on the front rim of our 1949 Hummer. When we put it on the frame the whole wheel is shifted to the right. It is not centered between the forks. The oil sealing cap is up against the fork and the brake hub is up against the other fork. Why would the wheel be shifted to one side??

Thanks for any help.