From:gene underwood Electronic:gene_underwood -A-
Subject:RE: RE: tail lamp parts Date:Sat Jan 1 17:51:22 2011
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OK. I got it backwards. he tail lamp itself that I have has an opening for a rectangular outlook lens. I have the oval outlook lens #68092-55.
Im putting this on a 59B frame. Should I get the rectangular outlook lens, or do I need a tail lamp that has an oval opening?
thanks, Gene

If I understand, you need an oval outlook lens. Advise depth of the can, front to back. There are two different lenses, I have both. The rectangular lens was used on some cars/tractor tail lights. E-mail

i have a tail lamp that i thought uses outlook lens 68092-55,but the opening for the outlook lens is oval on outside edges but the outlook lens itself is rectangular on outside edges and therefore wont fit!!
so, i have a rectangular outside edge outlook lens and need a oval outside edge one! anyone help me? trade, sell me right one etc??
thanks in advance, Gene