From:Robert Eichner Electronic:reichner41 -A-
Subject:RE: WANTED ! 48' FRONT AXLE Date:Wed Jan 5 10:48:08 2011
Response to:15004

This prodject has become a real pain in the butt!
Baught it as a complete and correct basket case some yeares ago and am now finding a lot of the parts are incorrect for a 48.
I need a front axle and the 2 bearing spacers.
I have tons of 48 thru 62 parts so I will be glad to trade for something you need or pay you cash. What ever works for you.
Best regards,
Dewey Bond
Hi, need exact measurementsI think mine are all 48 parts. will check tonight Bob Eichner 4817 alder dr. Walnutport penna. 18088