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Subject:RE: Our Project -- 1948 Harley Davidson 125 S Date:Thu Jan 6 02:29:05 2011
Response to:15008
Les and Anna,

That is a nice looking 1948 or 1949 Model 125. From the photo, it appears that everything is original and correct, although the ZERO-cc motor option appears to be undocumented.

The important (expensive) parts - fenders, headlight, taillight, headlight nacelle, toolbox, etc. all seem to be there and in very good condition. In fact, everything appears to be original - you're very lucky - most people start with much less.

Check the serial number on the engine - it will gave a clue. Then check around about the differences between 1948 and 1949 (See the How to Restore section). Once you've determined that, you can go looking for a new engine (with title).

Call Stan Waite (Motor Rebuilding Service) and Mutt - they re probably the first people I'd call about an engine. If they can't help you, they can probably recommend someone.
( See, )

Paint-wise, you're stuck with Black, unless it's a late 1949 which might get brighter colors - ( See, )

You're on a great start - motor and paint ($1-2K), and you'll be winning trophies.

Dave Hennessey

P.S. I do have to bust your chops a little - your Hummer's sitting on Oriented Strand Board, not plywood! Upgrade immediately!

Hi, with the encouragement of the Harley Davidson Hummer Club website we just acquire a 1948 Harley Davidson 125 S. This precious Gem now resides on a 4x8 piece of plywood [sic] in our sunroom.