From:Backyard Bob Electronic:Somehere -A- newjersey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: winterizing is for the birds Date:Fri Jan 7 17:59:54 2011
Response to:15015
Dr. I happened to notice from your amazing photo that the hummer frame and the bird have a similar shape. Maybe the bird figured you were safe to hang out with. GREAT photo!

You aint kidding,,,Time to paint the frame on my project now that Mutt is well along with the machine work,,yesterday was perfect for it except for the birds.
This bird was with me for hours and followed me around.He got tangled in the air hose and even followed me into the house.IT STOPPED MY JOB,,,,,I noticed there was no chapter in the HOW TO RESTORE on this,dont know why,,I'm I the only one with this problem ? Dr. P

I'm right there with ya, Chris! But, you're making me feel
bad . . . It got up to 46* here today, and I didn't even think
of taking out one of my Hummers! Maybe between Christmas &
New Years. Meanwhile - Merry Christmas to everyone!
28 degrees for the high today, warm enough to get a ride in,
only twelve miles
on slushy roads today, but still was a blast. i hope everybody
has a humming
merry christmas.

about 1500 miles for the year on this bike.