From:Duane Taylor Electronic:duane -A-
Subject:RE: Gas cap and oil cup Date:Fri Jan 14 12:18:10 2011
Response to:15042

The early gas cap/cups were joined together with a screw
and nut. However, it did not work out well as they seemed to loosen and seperate. The second version had the cup welded to the cap. Both of these had the mixture instructions imbossed on the outer end of the cup and a groove in the cup center for measuring. The third version has printing near the center and an indent line for the 1/2 cup measure.
Removing the chrome cover from the cap is generally not successful as corrosion is the winner after 50 yrs or so.
That said, rechrome and recad and a new cap gasket will cost a lot more than a new cap/cup combo.
Questions- please ask.

So the cap is to be crome, but the cup is to be cad platet. So how do you get the two separeate, and put back together?