From:ahelwig Electronic:ajhwoodworks -A-
Subject:gas tanks Date:Fri Jan 14 12:50:13 2011
I have 2 gas tanks I got with my 54 hd hummer. Both have very minor rust inside, and a couple small dents. Neither have any leaks. I brought them to a radiatior repair shop to a deep clean. It is only $40 each, but he offered for another $20 more to coat the inside. I plan on selling the tank I don't use. Is this coating good, or does it hurt the value. The guy told me that once it is coated it will never rust again. Sound good to me, but again does it hurt the value? The down side he told me was that once it is coated, it can never be cleaned again because the coating is flammible. Finally once it is cleaned what could I sell it for (need money to help with the rest of the bike)?