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Subject:RE: gas tanks Date:Fri Jan 14 13:49:17 2011
Response to:15045
I,if it were Mine tanks would not coat them,if they are rust free they will be OK as is.
The biggest thing is to not let the bike set out in the sun/weather when not in use.
I have cleaned several tanks and not coated them,once the rust was removed they held up just fine.
I got a set of Harley five gallon tanks,they were brand new,the guy had them cream coated before I bought the bike,the tanks had never been installed nor had fuel ever been put in them,they rusted under the creamcoat and the cream coat was peeling and cracking off,I had to use a gallon of acetone to get that crap out of the tanks.
There are other brands of coatings that I have heard that work out just fine but My experiences with creme coat was`nt that good and not coating the tanks after getting the rust cleaned out was excellent.

I have 2 gas tanks I got with my 54 hd hummer. Both have very minor rust inside, and a couple small dents. Neither have any leaks. I brought them to a radiatior repair shop to a deep clean. It is only $40 each, but he offered for another $20 more to coat the inside. I plan on selling the tank I don't use. Is this coating good, or does it hurt the value. The guy told me that once it is coated it will never rust again. Sound good to me, but again does it hurt the value? The down side he told me was that once it is coated, it can never be cleaned again because the coating is flammible. Finally once it is cleaned what could I sell it for (need money to help with the rest of the bike)?