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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Engine detailing Tips ?? Date:Tue Feb 1 09:45:03 2011
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There are many types of finishes one might want for an engine case polished being only one. Bead blasting leaves a non-polished shiny, sand blasting removes metal and leaves a rough surface (fine grit leaves a finer still sharp(ish) surface). Both these may be preceded by a good wash to remove stains (don't scratch the surface).

I've chosen to wash cases with dish soap (cleans baked on grease mild on the hands) 2-3 times usually gets pretty clean. Clean again with "Mothers" cleaner FOR POLISHED wheels (now the stains should be all gone), Now the hard part to recommend on Group using a finely polished Plinishing hammer TAP the metal gouged out of place back in to the gouges, re-shape any where needed file or sand to a 400 grit so small scratches disappear I leave the big scratches. I don't have a uniform finish on the case, final will even it all out.

Then clean a final time with "Mothers" NOT FOR POLISHED wheel cleaner This is a very slight etch and leaves a near the original cast surface sheen.

The big gouges are clean but still there I don't want to grind deep (my choice).

just my way, I can be convinced of another if someone has a better way with the tools I have.


Yes,Strange as it may seem, he also replied back to me also with the same
offer. Joe

I wrote Butch and he wrote back that he was sending me a sample....I'll keep
you informed



What's the latest in making our engines look new again. Over the years we've
shared tips from dishwashers to bead blasting to spray painting ...are there
any new chemicals or proceedures out there that make this job easier and

Don, Check out posting #14674. Noticed it last December. This guy "Butch"
has a great product, calls it "cadiwax" but I have inquired about the wax, and
he never returned an answer. Does anyone know him or where we can buy
this wax ? Let me know how you make out.