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Subject:RE: Good to Date:Tue Feb 1 14:30:05 2011
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The Super 10 (as all of the hummer type and all Harleys of this era) had NO frame number. The insurance should accept the Title Identification number that has been approved by the STATE (only on the engine). I've had similar discussions with my insurance but I've a Rider as an agent. My agent rides among others a "JD" more miles than would allowed under the "Historic-Classic" classification.

"Dairyland" (insurance company) seems to understand time, historic standards, and that true classics are motorcycles not works of art.

Another company insured my 69 350 as a Yamaha because they had no Harley less than 750CC and that's a different power class. Then it got towed because I'd no insurance What A nightmare.

Hey there guys,

I talked with my parents insurance agent yesterday about getting coverage on
my '63 Scat with a '61 Super 10 engine in the frame. It seems that it will be
insured as a '61 Super 10. The only problem is that they have no record of this
bike ever being made. They are still going to insure it but it has to be
appraised, get a Government Regulated Inspection and pass it and then be
insured as a Antique Collectors Motorcycle giving me a limited amount of
miles I can put on it per year. I'm glad I rebuilt my own speedo.

I have added signal lights to my bike because they are small hidden LED'd and
that pass code so I am good there. Even though it is considered a 165cc it
still asks for the bikes speed and because I have never had it running since
the engine rebuild, I have no clue. Any one know? I have a 28mm Mikuni carb
with a stuffer plate and a 7 spring race clutch and a race head and a pacer
cigar exhaust.

Also, the insurance has no record of the serial number on the frame. I tried to
explain that it is a part number on the frame and that the number is on the
engine but the agent just looked at me weird. I'm right non? Now I have to go
and apply for a vin number costing me 350.00. lol Holy cow man.

If any one knows the answers to my questions or a little advice, please feel
free to email me. Thanks everyone.