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Subject:RE: Hummer Happy Hour Date:Wed Feb 2 09:03:40 2011
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At what time of the year does this "Great Event" going to be happening ??? Just curious is all.

Hummer Happy Hour

The Hummer Club will have "Hummer Happy Hour" at the AMCA Eustis, Oley, and Rhinebeck swap meets this year.

Your hosts will be: Pepper Wysong at Eustis, Dave Hennessey at Oley, and Richard Duda at Rhinebeck.

Stop by, put your feet up on the table, drink a cold beer, and enjoy the fellowship of other Hummer enthusiasts. Tell us how you climbed Mt Everest on a Hummer, or whatever tall tale suits your fancy – we’re here to listen…

Look for the blue on white "Harley Hummer Club" banner.

Dave, Brent, and Dean