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Subject:RE: RE: 1952s harley hummer Date:Fri Feb 4 22:01:48 2011
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better for what?
If its all there and original, and can be rode, then by all means ride it as an original.

if it needs too much that way, then i suggest restoring back to factory paint, NOS parts, exat reproductions, etc.
if its a "bitsa" bike as in bits from this and bits from that, thern customize any way you can think of, andf make it unique.

i have all 3 styles. love em all for different reasons.



i have all the original parts, worn of course, is it better to put it together and get it running or restore it with new parts and paint... Im a rookie here
I just bought a 1952s Harley hummer serial number 52s3432 I'm looking for information on this bike.