Subject:RE: RE: 1952s harley hummer Date:Fri Feb 4 22:16:00 2011
Response to:15169
Hard question to answer because there is something good to say about both ways.A bike is only original once,it would depend on what you have.Here is a picture of a 48s===still has many,many years of dust and I won't even wash it,if anything i'll just get it started and ride it,,,now if you have one thats been put together with different parts through the years and has different color fenders and the wrong tank,well then you might want to restore and find correct parts.Also depends on how long it was sitting,the seals in the motor go bad and it won't run right.This is a problem anyway you go. Then there is the PARTS BOOK and SERVICE MANUALS wonderful things they are and will help you along with your project.Post a picture of what you have so the experts can see(they are good)and will also answer your tech.questions.
The Dr. sees alot of fun in your future,good luck


i have all the original parts, worn of course, is it better to put it together and get it running or restore it with new parts and paint... Im a rookie here
I just bought a 1952s Harley hummer serial number 52s3432 I'm looking for information on this bike.