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Subject:RE: loss of electric Date:Sat Feb 12 18:16:07 2011
Response to:15206
If you've got one (or a buddy that does)take a volt meter and get a voltage reading on the battery with the bike off. Then start the bike and hold it somewhere above idle and take the reading again. It should be higher. If not, wiggle each individual wire while taking the reading to see if it jumps up (this requires at least three hands I know). If the reading goes up you've got a faulty connection. It could be something as simple as a loose or dirty 'Ground connection' between the battery and frame.

Last fall I had a problem with loss of electric power.
I have a '52 '125'. I restored it to original specs just like the '51' I had when I was a kid. I ride it in warm weather and love it as much as in 1958.

Problem: While riding sometimes I hear the motor missing slightly. If I try to blow the horn, the engine quits. If I turn on the headlight, the engine quits. Even if I toe the rear brake, the engine quits. If I decease any of the above, the engine ruins OK. If I stop, there is no voltage at the points If I do anything at all, the voltage returns and I can ride like normal. I suspect the regulator but don't know. Any ideas???