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Subject:RE: 10 Cents a CC Date:Sun Feb 13 09:53:30 2011
Response to:15213
What a hoot! Ratfink: It sounds like you have too many toys!
I'm sure Hummer Club members would like to see photos of them,
even though some are not quite "Hummers."
I don't have the hummer experience that many members have, so
adding my "two cents" is limited. But I did donate my "10
cents" for each cc of my two Super 10's.

Thanks to everyone, especailly Mutt, for always willing to
inform, assist and at times entertain.

Fortunately for my budget, this isn't a Bog Twin site. It
would have cost $295 factoring in my 77 Sporty, 68 FLH and 56