From:Bob Hesh Electronic:bluegoneshallow -A-
Subject:RE: RE: what is this, a toolbox??? or ?? Date:Sun Feb 13 18:40:57 2011
Response to:15212
Ive got a z50m that looks exactly like this right down to the mount. Yours has
the bottom bracket cut down to the base and then has been painted. kawasaki
has some of these too but were bigger. Mine is almost 2x6. The 4x10's are nice
too but go for a little more.


I think it is a tool box off a 1949 Indian 249. John Palmer, is this corretc?

this is on the 65 scat i got today. never seen anthing like it. anyone recognoize
it? its bolted thru the holes where buddy pegs would go. looks like it belongs
like a factory accessory or something buit nothi ng like it in any parts catalog
that ive seen.
thanks in advance.]