From:Claude Vaughn Electronic:ahenthus -A-
Subject:Club Donations Date:Thu Feb 17 10:15:18 2011
I went back and reread past posts to find out where to send a $20 donation and discovered the PayPal account. Maybe there are more "unobservant" guys like me out there that would donate if it's made as easy as PayPal. Put the club PayPal link back up and troll a little more. I hate snail mail and procrastinate like crazy anytime I think I'm going to have to use it. What prompted me to go back through previous posts was just a small inkling of a passing glance at your original PayPal link back in the recesses of the reptilian portion of my little pea brain. Just a suggestion.
Looking forward to meeting Dr. Pepper and any other hummer folks at Eustis,
Claude (Hummer Club #274 and proud owner of a 55 165 basket case purchased from an ad in the newsletter about 25 years ago)