From:Rusty Jenkins Electronic:airbum -A-
Subject:RE: tank repairs Date:Sun Feb 20 08:15:12 2011
Response to:15272
Take it to a body shop that has a "STUD GUN". This is a hand held welder that welds what looks like a "finish nail" to the low spot in the dent, then they use a special slide hammer that has a collet to grab the "nail". They may need to use several to get it back to original contour but they should be able to get 90 percent out and then cut the nail off and apply a light coat of bodyfiller. I taught Collision Repair at a Technical School for 30 years and have repaired lots of tanks worse than this one. The nice thing about the stud gun is it does NOT put a hole in the tank so there will not be any leaks.


Anybody have any ideas besides Bondo? Looks like it was hit pretty hard from the top. I want to use this tank because of sentimental reasons, it's from my first bike. I saw where some guy cuts the bottom out of the tank, pounds the dents out from the inside and re-welds the bottom back in. Does this sound reasonable to anyone?