From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:AMCA Eustis - Hummer Club Tent - one week away Date:Tue Feb 22 21:11:50 2011
Time flies! The AMCA Eustis Swap Meet is only a week an a half away - March 4-5-6. Start loading your Hummers in the trailer now, and get ready to head for the Florida sunshine!

When you get there, you'll find the Hummer Club tent set up at the meet. In case you forget what it looks like, or if you're a newer member of the Club, Dr. Pepper (left) and Joe (right) did a trial run for the camera to help you find the tent.

Stop by the Hummer tent for a cold beer, a hot dog, and some Hummer cameraderie. Bring your Hummer and park it under the tent and get a souvenir for your efforts.

If you get lost in the Everglades, or lost in the parking lot, or just need a hand unloading your bike, give Dr. P a call on his cell phone 352-303-7418

And give Dr. Pepper a big thanks for helping revive Hummer Happy Hour!