From:Claude Vaughn Electronic:ahenthus -A-
Subject:Hummer for Sale on Ebay Date:Wed Feb 23 13:22:11 2011
Good job Mutt, you certainly said it much better than I could. I know you mentioned that the decals were wrong for the model, but even if 55-56 165 decals had been correct, his are placed on the wrong sides of the tank anyway. Also, I don't understand his statement "BUILT UNDER DEAN HUMMER'S SUPERVISION (1955-1959) RECOGNIZED BY THE HUMMER CLUB AND HARLEY DAVIDSON OF MILWAUKEE." I don't think he realized what he was getting himself in for by telling potential bidders to check out the Hummer Club website. Looks like a nice rider except for the atrocious color.
Looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys in Eustis next month,
Claude #274