From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: whats what and where does it go??? Date:Thu Feb 24 08:42:55 2011
Response to:15319
Good Morning Gene,None of this stuff fits your bike,just kidding. Here is your first HINT on the hunt,,, pages 26,24,22,18,of the parts book-they have pictures that look just like your stuff along with the part numbers.Some are hard to find---but there.Hint 2,,,(just off the top of my head,but I could be wrong)44266-47,,45736-47,,4836-47,,43727-47,,45746-47,,,,Start with these 5 items,then start looking for the others 1 at a time untill you find them,whats left goes back in baggy to save.Its a pain Gene but you'll get real good at it quick.You need to know what your looking at with this stuff,,I can't tell you how much of the Hummer stuff I passed up because I didn't know what it was or didn't look hard enough in vendors boxes
of its like a scavenger hunt. I received this stuff with a 65 scat in a ziplock baggy. whats what and where does it go???