From:Arny Electronic:pedalcar1936 -A-
Subject:Patch Date:Sun Feb 27 06:26:49 2011
Dave ---I received my patch and other GOODIES yesterday . That was great and fast . As for the DOG TAG ---do you have any that say if found please return to Eustis Fl ,Oley Pa ,Jefferson Pa,Wauseon ,Ohio or maybe Davenport Iowa,or Rhinebeck , Ny ?? Those tags would be deeply appreciated and I would wear them around my neck ( and get lost hoping to be found and returned )just before these shows so I could get a free ride to them ( I can find my own way back !! ) . Looks like I am going to miss Eustis this year--sure would have liked some of that free beer and southern hospitality !! I was down last month ( to Eustis ) and did not realise how close I was to where Dr.Pepper lives . When I get down again I will contact him and try to meet him for a good BS session . Thanks again Dave . "Keep em hummin" Arny PS ---just remembered I can not get lost cause someone is always telling me where to go ---if you know what I mean !! LOL