From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: Patch Date:Sun Feb 27 17:49:28 2011
Response to:15356

Remember hotel keys from the pre-electronic era? They all said "drop in any mailbox". The Hummer Club dog tags were a similar idea. If you lost your keys, the finder could just drop them in a mailbox, the P.O. would send them to the Club, and I'd make sure you got them back. You don't want to put your own address on your keyring - especially if your house key is on there too. Well, it seems that no one ever lost their Hummer keys.

The secret plan was that someday someone would forget where they parked their bike. When the cops towed it away, they'd look at the dogtag and deliver the bike to me! Well, that never happened either.


Dave ---I received my patch and other GOODIES yesterday . That was great and fast . As for the DOG TAG ---do you have any that say if found please return to Eustis Fl ,Oley Pa ,Jefferson Pa,Wauseon ,Ohio or maybe Davenport Iowa,or Rhinebeck , Ny ?? Those tags would be deeply appreciated and I would wear them around my neck ( and get lost hoping to be found and returned )just before these shows so I could get a free ride to them ( I can find my own way back !! ) . Looks like I am going to miss Eustis this year--sure would have liked some of that free beer and southern hospitality !! I was down last month ( to Eustis ) and did not realise how close I was to where Dr.Pepper lives . When I get down again I will contact him and try to meet him for a good BS session . Thanks again Dave . "Keep em hummin" Arny PS ---just remembered I can not get lost cause someone is always telling me where to go ---if you know what I mean !! LOL