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Subject:RE: Does any supplier offer a bolt & nut kit? Date:Mon Feb 28 09:08:13 2011
Response to:15373
no one offers such a kit. All the hardware is sold individually. As far as the cost reduction, I don't think anyone will do that, because the seller still has to pay the same cost for each item.
I do sell specific kits in the correct finsihes for a particular year, such as "seat group" "front fender group" "rear fender group" , etc.
As far as being convinient, it is, because you won't have to do a bit of research yourself, that has already been done for ya, at a considerable time investment.


Rather than buy each fitting individually, I would like to find someone who offers a correct set of fittings for a '52 125S. Hopefully this would be offered at a significant reduction in overall cost, not to mention the convenience. Does anyone know if such a kit is offered by suppliers?