From:mike Electronic:mickels-_13 -A-
Subject:bulbs Date:Sun Mar 6 19:34:52 2011
So I have 3 headlamp bulbs dont know if picture is going to come up. Here goes #1 ge 2530 #2 peace A6V 25/25w #3 ge2220 So going by what I think I know #1 is 25wattlow beam 30 watt high beam #2 25 watt high 25 low #3 22watt high 20 watt low. SO HOW FULL of the usual #$%^& am I ? What I would like to know is which bulb will be best for mag, then which for gen. Are any of these even usable ? Question open for discussin or cussin? just a bit of wisdom goes a long way. mike