From:Les & Anna Electronic:anna -A-
Subject:Eustis Fl. Meet Date:Mon Mar 7 10:05:31 2011
Thank you Dr. Pepper and Joe for your gracious and hospitable introduction to the Hummer Club. It was our first meet and you both will be in our history archives as the very first hummer club reps we were introduced to at a show.

It is unfortunate that we missed meeting other club members. We were so pre occupied routing through the piles of parts trying to find a few pieces for our projects. In the future we will try to temper our enthusiasm and spend more time talking with other club members.

We only attended on the Friday and headed to St. Petersburg, Fl. to have a pre-arranged visit with friends.

See you at the next event.

P.S. Sorry we missed you, John and Claude.

Many thanks,

Les & Anna