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Subject:RE: RE: 165 Top Of Tank Decal Date:Tue Mar 8 20:31:45 2011
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I've dealt with Red Raven quite a bit. Very good service. I got my tank decals from him , lots of nuts, bolts , screws and a few other items. Mark is the only name I recall, his last name escapes me.


That decal doesn't appear in any of the parts books under gas tank. Some of the parts books have a numerical index of part numbers in the back, but that number doesn't appear there either. Mutt, have you ever seen one?

Has anyone dealt with Red Raven? They do not list any physical address. shows the phone number as "Unpublished". The domain name is registered to
Domain Discreet
Rua Dr. Brito Camara, n 20, 1
Funchal, Madeira 9000-039
PT [Portugal]

The only info I can get is that they appear to be in Medina, Ohio.

I went to order a decal for my 55 165 tank the other day and I noticed this for sale at RedRaven. Would it be correct for a 55 (in addition to the 61770-55). I have never seen one in a pict, where exactly does it go? Any picts out there?