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hey there people...especially you Mutt!
So, I have a battery. it is the one with orange logo and lettering, and part number 66001-47.
my question or dilema doesnt have a positive post sticking out. the negative one is there, but nothiing sticking out on the positiv
I not too sure that is a date code. I have a NOS H-1?(BigTwin ) battery, with the tag still on it that is dated 1-1-48 and it's green. I believe the orange painted battery came out about 55-56 and the logo battery that the repop case was made from I think came out sometime between 1960-62.

And here's the production date code off the bottom. I think it's 59 and later that are green. What's the code on the bottom of yours Robbie? ... Perry

Actually Dave - I think the green bar and shield are the late ones not very early. Here's a photo of one I have kicking around ... Perry


66001-47 is a Harley "H-3" battery, which also fits K and early Sportsters. V-Twin is the only supplier that I know of. Ten years ago, people complained that their batteries only lasted one season. Perhaps the quality has improved since then. Any one had more recent experience?

I think most people use a plastic shell with a smaller battery inside - either a gel-cell or a wet-cell. Duane Taylor sells one, I think Leroy Lange does also. Check the "Parts" section for their contact info.