From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A- toyhouse,org
Subject:RE: 16 inch Pacer tires Date:Fri Mar 18 21:34:51 2011
Response to:15483

Lee Lange had some tires made up - I have a pair of his 3.50x18's on my bike - they are very nice. But you'll have to ask Leroy if he has 16".

Coker has 3.25x19, 3.50x18, and 3.50x16 Firestone Deluxe Champions, but if I remember correctly, the tread is not quite the same as original.


I have a 1963 Pacer that still has the original 16 inch Goodyear tires on it but they are badly cracked on the sidewalls. What are the most accurate tire to replace them with?