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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 165 vs 175 Date:Sun Mar 20 11:06:33 2011
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Horsepower is a measurement of doing a certain amount of work in a known period of time. And there is more than one way to measure engine HP depending on how and where it is loaded.


I found a way to measure how much HP your bike is producing, taking your weight into account.
Type (copy) the web address below into your browser.
Putting in the weight of your bike + your weight and the speed you that you can reach in 1/4 mile, it will calulate how much HP your bike is producing.
(You can change the units to pounds and miles/hour)

If you reach top speed before 1/4 mile then the formula would have to change.



i am not sure thats true, i was never that good at pedalling a tricycle. now put me on a big wheel....thats a whole different story! ----- ORIGINAL MESSAGE FOLLOWS -----
I swear to God if we had tricycles there would be trash talk.With these things it's not so much a displacement thing as it is the fact that i weigh 50 to 60 lbs more than you thats gonna kill my chances.


John just wants to know so he can keep up with me on my 175cc pacer BT with his 165cc super 10.

Great question , I'd like to know myself, how bout it anyone have any thought's on this. Come on Mutt weigh in.

HI. Can anyone tell me how the 175 makes 5 more hp then the 165? That little bit extra stroke can't make 5 more hp. Thanks