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Subject:RE: $ value of a 1955 165ST with windshield, crashbars, toolbox? Date:Mon Mar 21 11:16:32 2011
Response to:15509
An ST designation just means it is a 165. The early bikes were model S which was 125. When the 125 displacement returned as the "Hummer" it became model B.
All the accessories are extras as there was no special package for the lightweight models. Hard to give any value idea without pictures, but look at completed auctions on eBay for the most recent actual selling prices.
I am an old card-carrying ;) Hummer Club member who is considering selling my bike. What is the difference between a "ST" and a regular bike? I'm assuming that the windshield, crashbars, fender tips and toolbox were options and I imagine they'd go for a good price if sold individually but how much dollar value do they add to a stock bike? I see even Elvis didn't have fender tips..

The bike was running years ago and has some new wiring but the gas tank has a little rust inside and we never got that taken care of. I don't have any digital pics right now but I do have regular pics including some of it being ridden. It is painted all black right now but I think it may have been Atomic Blue? originally. (I see some kind of blue paint under the black)
So, without pictures, does anyone have a ballpark figure they could throw at me and is ebay the best way to get the best price??
Thanks in advance.