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Subject:RE: carb curvature:UPDATE Date:Thu Mar 24 00:42:52 2011
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interesting. i have exactly the same issue with my 62 pacer bt. it idles ok, but i call it "bogging down" when i get around 1/8th throttle, then is ok beyond. i also notice it doesnt seem to like 2nd gear much, but is much happier when i get to third.

after two schools of thought on how to correct the curvature on the carburetor
flange, i wanted to share my experience and what i did.
i attempted to place the carb body in a vice and proceed to gently apply pressure
to gradually flatten the flange back into position, but i got chicken on it. it just
didnt feel right, you know, sort of like that moment right before the threads strip
on a bolt. so i backed off and took it out of the vice. i didnt really want to
remove material from the flange but after taking measurements and seeing there
was still enough room between the mounting bolts and the float bowl i decided
to plane the surface flat on 220 grit paper. see photos.
with the new gaskets everything feels nice and snug like it should.

however after adjusting the carb per the service manual and taking it on a few
short rides i still notice a slight hesitation upon acceleration right about 1/8th
throttle. if i try to cruise right at that point in the throttle it runs very rough, but
idles smooth and runs smooth at all other points of acceleration.. any