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Subject:RE: RE: fishtail muffler Date:Sat Mar 26 12:07:36 2011
Response to:15544
The fishtail muffler looks original, You can make sure by checking the shell which should be hand rolled, seamed and spot welded on the underside.
The fishtail and front bell were not welded to the shell as this was a take apart, 3 piece muffler. The bracket was also spot welded on. It is not unusual to find the bracket repaired with stick welding as that was the weak point.
I believe all the fishtail and early cigar shaped mufflers were made by Nelson Exhaust. I have 4 orginals here that I used and keep as reference for the reproductions I make.

Duane Taylor


Your muffler looks like what I need for my 1948……Do you know if it’s for the 1948?

If so…email me a price and/ or tell me something you need.


Don Ellington
HHC #578

this muffler came with the 52 hummer i bought, Im willing to sell it, or trade for parts or work!!!