From:Nate Hamm Electronic:hammerintravtime -A-
Subject:RE: 1948 Hummer for sale Date:Sat Mar 26 14:24:42 2011
Response to:15355
THIS BIKE HAS SOLD! Thanks for looking.

1948 H-D Hummer 125

This bike is running well and is rideable. It has a clear Minnesota title. It is mostly original parts; with some new/fabbed parts to help it run. It has a NOS piston and rings. The fuel system from tank to carb is in excellent shape. Non-original parts are: gas cap, seat, seat mount, battery box, switch ring, wiring and exhaust system. All other parts are original. All the metal on the bike was sand blasted and cleaned up. The frame and wheels were professionally painted with the rest bomb canned to prevent any rust.

I have more pictures- both side views, front quartering on each side and close ups of the motor area from each side. Shoot me an email from more pics:

I am listing this bike for my dad. If you want to know all the details of the bike or have any questions, please call Joel at 507-528-2524.