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Subject:RE: RE:speak up travisty truth to be told first hand Date:Sat Mar 26 19:50:39 2011
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LOL the last line on this post caught my tickle bone!
let me reprint th last line:
"If it smells like something u dont want to step in, it USUALLY IS ELROY".
my question is....what is elroy?


I read with interest the posting (#15541)about the 54ST Golden
Anniversary Model bike that "might" be for sale at Oley, PA.
I am obviously a novice Hummer enthusiast, and am just now
learning about AMCA judging, etc. When Travis Scott sold this
bike some time ago, he apparently represented it as a
"National 1st Prize Winner." I am wondering exactly what that
means. Is there a National AMCA meet where the bike could be
awarded this honor? Maybe Travis or some other Hummer Club
member could explain this.
travisty and fair deal danny ya both get a lot of typing cause of your dealings. Not speaking out of spite, just trying to deal with U. BE RIGHT OR LET U BE KNOWN ABOUT U. Ink is ink bad or otherwise. Get right or be gone!!!!!! Every club(the way u do business would make an example of you. never to be seen or heard of again.) This site is for enrichment, of the Harley Hummer expirence not for your personal way to skrew the s#^#%^& out of prospective members or followers BEWARE OF DEALINGS WITH THESE 2. If it smells like something that u dont want to step in it USUALLY IS ELROY