From:EDD McGrath Electronic:whenisell -A- aol.cpm
Subject:History Date:Sat Mar 26 21:01:52 2011
I wonder how many members are in the club who rode "Hummer's" back in the day? There should be a lot of information from them that would clear up a lot of questions that are raised here.

I bought my 1952 Harley 125 in August 1953 (I hate to call it a "Hummer" because the "hummer" was a cheap version of the 125.) Harley began sending me their monthly magazine and every year they gave a detailed review of all of the models they sold. I have a lot of those magazines (my baby sister lost the Elvis issue while I was away at college.).

Has Jerry tried (or anyone else) tried to reproduce the annual new model 125/165/Hummer new model pages? It seems like a lot of the questions that are asked here would be answered by those publications.

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