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Edd & Glen: Your postings caught my eye, too. My father
owned a 48S which was a huge part of our lives as well. I,
too, cannot remember that bike not being around. I also
remember being so envious when my older brother was old
enough to ride it. I couldn't wait until I turned 16, so I
could ride the bike, too! Sometime in the late 60's, Dad
acquired a 53ST, which I got to ride the most because my
older brother had gone off to college. But the 48S was
still the work horse. Around 1970, when Dad & I were
riding both bikes in the woods, the ST quit. Dad reached
into the 48's saddlebag, pulled out some rope, and we towed
the 53 up out of the woods with the 48. My brother now has
the 48, and I have the 53. Both bikes have been restored.

EDD your post caught my attention.
My dad brought a 1960 Super 10 home back in probably 1964?
I hardly remember that bike not being around our house. I
rode the pee out of it.
My mom who is 77 now, was in my shop last week noticed the
old bike, laughed and asked "Is that, that motorcycle you
used to ride up the street and ride back carrying parts of
it?" She was right it was not so dependable sometimes.
I guess my riding was "later in the day" in the era of the
Hummer, dawn of the Jap bikes, of which I had several.
I still have that old Super 10, there are many memories
related to it.
I am in the process of restoring it now.
I enjoy the Harley Hummer Club.
Thanks for the memory
Glen #70

I wonder how many members are in the club who rode
"Hummer's" back in the day? There should be a lot of
information from them that would clear up a lot of questions
that are raised here.

I bought my 1952 Harley 125 in August 1953 (I hate to call
it a "Hummer" because the "hummer" was a cheap version of
the 125.) Harley began sending me their monthly magazine
and every year they gave a detailed review of all of the
models they sold. I have a lot of those magazines (my baby
sister lost the Elvis issue while I was away at college.).

Has Jerry tried (or anyone else) tried to reproduce the
annual new model 125/165/Hummer new model pages? It seems
like a lot of the questions that are asked here would be
answered by those publications.

EDD McGrath (813.240.2889)