From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: SUPER RARE part Date:Sun Mar 27 11:34:19 2011
Response to:15565

It can't be THAT rare - I've got one on the shelf. In the original box.

The 1966 Spare Parts Catalog lists this as #64202-61 but says it fits 1962 BT and BTU (Pacer). I think that's an error in the book - it should say 1961-1962 BT and BTU.
(BTU was the under 5-hp model for junior driver licenses)

I believe the 2nd mounting hole on the back is to accommodate the 16" fender used on the 1961 Super-10 and 1962 Pacer (the 1962 Scat used 18").

The first mounting hole was retained so that this toolbox would also fit older models. Since the toolbox was discontinued when the spring-frame appeared in 1963, production of this toolbox for spare parts was probably pretty limited.


For anyone that wants their 1961 Super 10 or all 62 models, to stand out in a crowd, here is a near impossible to find part. It is the tool box that is correct only for these models
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