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Subject:RE: RE: Where all 1962 BT Pacers 175cc? Date:Fri Apr 1 08:41:26 2011
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I would never want to disagree with da DR. but.....
According to the Harley-Davidson Data Book by Rick Conner.
Main Models
62 BTU Pacer 165 w/Restricted Intake for Under 5hp. Reg.
62 BT Pacer 175
62 BTH Scat 175
62 BTF 165 Ranger

Total Lightweight Production 1,983

62 BTU Pacer 165 First Year Based on the '61 BTU Super10
62 BT Pacer 175 First Year New Model
62 BTH Scat 175 First Year New Model
62 BTF 165 Ranger First Year/ONLY Year Based on the '61 Model BT.

I only know what's printed in Books.

Here is how I read it
62 BT Pacer 165
62 BT Pacer 165 Low HP
62 BTH Scat 175
62 BTF 165
63-65 Pacer 175
Hope I'm right and it helps you,,,,Pepper

I'm a little confused? According to the vin chart it says a 1962 BT Pacer Same, but Road Model, 165cc then in all other info given states that a 62 BT Pacer is 175cc...Are all of the 62 BT Pacers 175cc? Thanks in advance...